Chapter 39-45

Reading the final chapters of the novel, I came to realize why it was all about “Uncle Tom” even though half of the focus was directed to Eliza. It was because of him that young master George freed all his slaves and how he told all of his freed slaves to be as faithful and honest Christian as Uncle Tom. We also saw even though Simon Legree was a brutal slaveholder and scared the slaves, he himself was a scared person as we saw in the chapters “The Strategem” and “An Authentic Ghost Story”, how he got scared of the sounds coming through the garret. In addition, we saw how Cassy used the garret as a way to benefit for her and Emmeline’s escape. We also saw how Tom changed two of the slaves working for Simon Legree, Sambo and Quimbo and both of them were willing to become Christian as Tom is. Even though Tom was beaten to death, he was still willing to forgive Legree for his brutality towards Uncle Tom. The reunion of Eliza’s mother (Cassy), George Harris’s sister (Emily or Madem de Thoux), Eliza, and the kids were definitely happy moment.

Discussion question: Even though as they move forward and as time passes, Cassy and Eliza might talk about Uncle Tom, but it caught to my attention that why didn’t they talk or why didn’t the book mention about Uncle Tom during their gathering who was one of the reasons that made Cassy escape. Is it because that they just got together and couldn’t express their feelings besides their mother-daughter love?

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